FunVentionTM Services

The Idea Bungalow provides FunVentingTM in a number of ways to best meet client needs

                 FunVentionTM IdeaStormTM: Do you want to stimulate creative thinking to generate powerful ideas

               from your talented team? Would you like to re-energize your team and improve relationships? We’ll create

             and lead a customized IdeaStormTM session that will leverage your staff to develop successful product         

            concepts.  We also provide “trained brains” and creative consumers to enhance the IdeaStormTM sessions.


FunVentionTM Projects: Do you have a technology that you’d like to leverage? A new category to exploit? A

       consumer segment to target? A product to improve? Provide us with your specific challenge and for a project fee

            we will develop a number of product concepts that successfully address that challenge.

                    FunVentionsTM for Sale: Are you looking for the next breakthrough, innovative products to enhance your

               portfolio? We develop product concepts for sale or license. Provide us with your wish list and we’ll get started to

           fulfill some of your product needs!

FunVentionTM Think Tank: Would you like to have a resource at your fingertips to consistently provide

     breakthrough product ideas? Do you want to be able to send out challenges and in return receive

         consistently strong ideas that successfully meet each challenge? For a monthly retainer we will provide

              a specified number of FunVentionTM hours to meet your product innovation needs.


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