A popular speaker and author, Lisa Strick has presented to

and trained a broad range of professionals and students

A brand-building specialist, Lisa led a brand-stretch brainstorming training session for licensing executives at Toy Fair and members of the SoCal QRCA. She also conducted a variety of brand training seminars for: Viacom employees at an Infinity University session, members of the Western Arts Alliance, and associates of The Producers Guild.


The Media Room

A youth marketing expert, Lisa presented Marketing to Tweens at the Youth Marketing MegaEvent and GenY Food Attitudes & Behaviors at The Flavor Experience.

Certified in the proven Osborn-Parnes Creative Problem Solving Process, Lisa was an instructor of Creative Problem Solving & Brainstorming in the toy design program at Otis College of Art & Design where she taught her students how to develop BIG toy ideas. Some of her innovative brainstorming exercises are featured in Arthur Van Gundy’s 101 More Great Games & Activities (Wiley).

Lisa served as the Vice President of Programming for the Southern California chapter of the American Marketing Association and as a member of Women in Toys and the Product Development Management Association.


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